Which region in Italy do you choose

Before you decide to buy a holiday home or guest house in Italy, it is good to think in which region of Italy you feel most at home. After all, you decide that you will also live there yourself. In principle, you do not emigrate and start a guesthouse for just a few years. The idea is that you may live there for the rest of your life. Then it is useful to feel at home and to know a little bit about the possibilities in the region of your choice.

Your ideal customer

When choosing a region, it is good to know who you would like to have as an ideal customer in your guesthouse. After all, if your ideal customer loves sun and sea, it is of course not useful to choose the Umbria region, because Umbria is the only region that does not border the sea.
If, on the other hand, you have an ideal customer in mind who is looking for peace and space, rural simplicity and authenticity. Then Umbria is an interesting region to start your guesthouse.

What does Umbria offer

Umbria is one of the regions in Italy that are not yet overrun by tourists. It is a region that mainly consists of forests, hills, meadows, sunflower fields, olive groves, vineyards and breathtaking views. In the past the Etruscans lived here and it is also called the green heart of Italy. It is a mainly farmers area. Umbria is known for its authentic farmer's kitchen, its spicy olive oil and its fine wines.
The estate is more or less at the foot of the Monte Peglia nature reserve, which was added to it last year UNESCO World Heritage Area of Biodiversity.
Finally, it is very central for visiting the famous tourist highlights: Perugia (1 hour), Assisi (5 minutes), Orvieto (3 minutes). Rome and Florence can both be reached in 2 hours. Would you like to know more about what fun trips your guests can do near the estate?

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