Choose one of the Italian regions

Which region in Italy do you choose

Before you decide to buy a holiday home or guest house in Italy, it is good to think in which region of Italy you feel most at home. After all, you decide that you will also live there yourself. You emigrate and start a guesthouse in […]

What kind of guesthouse do you want to start

Regulations for guest houses in Italy

In Italy you can start many types of guesthouses, all of which have their own regulations. So you have the choice of starting a: Agriturismo Bed and Breakfast in small or extensive form Countryhouse Casa Vacanza or Hotel. We chose a Casa Vacanza for a few reasons: We […]

An Italian dream, emigrating to Italy

An Italian dream

You can now make your Italian dream come true You have dreamed about having your own guesthouse in Italy for a long time. Small-scale because it must be manageable to run with just the two of you. Where you can please your guests, but also have time for yourself. […]