Regulations for guest houses in Italy

In Italy you can start many types of guesthouses, all of which have their own regulations. So you have the choice of starting a:

  • Agriturismo
  • Bed and Breakfast in small or extensive form
  • Countryhouse
  • Casa Vacanza or
  • Hotel.

We chose a Casa Vacanza for a few reasons:

  • We think it is important to be able to do everything in principle, so that you do not have to call in help. With a so-called Casa Vacanza you can only rent apartments and those apartments must be self-catering. With this typology it is not allowed to provide breakfast or dinner for the guests. By choosing a Casa Vacanza, we were sure that we could do the work with the two of us and that we would also have time for each other
  • We ourselves love our freedom and autonomy. We wished that for our guests too, so we chose self-catering guesthouses.
  • An Agriturismo can also have self-catering apartments. That's right, but then you have to register as a farmer and have a producing farm. Since our estate is only 1 ha in size, it is impossible to meet the strict production standards, unless you buy or rent a lot of land there (which is still possible). We did not make that choice for the same reason as above. We wanted to be able to run our guesthouse for two and with a farm you need help.

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