Choose a life that makes you happy

Why we are going to stop with Polmone and you have the chance to change your life.


When we were thinking about whether or not we should buy the ruin Polmone 32 years ago, we also thought about what we would make of it. And what we would do there. 
We soon realized that we would also like to open up the truly beautifully situated farm to others. And because we had to finance the purchase, it would be very welcome if some income would also gradually come in. 
We also reasoned that by the time we turned 65, there might no longer be any state pension at all. But if you have 4 apartments in Italy and you also live there, you don't have to worry about that. Then we would always be able to support ourselves. Our idea was that we could continue to receive guests at least until we were eighty.

The step

We were able to fully and perhaps even more than fully realize our dreams from that time. In 10 years' time we have renovated the entire ruin during all our holidays, realized four apartments in it and built up a nice basic customer base. A good time to take the step to emigrate. I quit my job and decided to give it a chance for at least 3 years. If it turned out that it wasn't for me, I would still be young enough to find a new job in the Netherlands.
In April 1999 I locked my house to emigrate to our dream place in Italy !!!!

Do we have to let go of our dream again?

The adventure had begun. Those three years were over in the blink of an eye and there was no doubt for a second whether I had made the right choice.
But in 2003, the rash of a spot that Nico had removed hit a crater in the dream we lived in. Leukemia. 'But sir, you have the best of the bad. It's a chronic form. You can't get better, but you will still be able to last for a number of years. '
"How many years then?" '6 years, but maybe also 9. I have had a patient who made it to 9 years. But that is exceptional. '

There you are a little later. Totally dazed, totally taken aback. What are you hanging over your head? Does this mean that we have to return to the Netherlands? And does he have to wait for his death behind the geraniums?
We decided not to.

Reality now

We are now 18 years later! Nico is still very much alive! And we still live, work and receive guests in our dream place in Italy!
However, in 2017, I broke my wrist very unfortunately. Complicated fracture, surgery and unfortunately a somewhat difficult recovery. That season I almost fell away and Nico had to work hard to get everything done. The guests who were there that season also all offered a helping hand. And fortunately we now had someone who helped me with cleaning and in the garden.

Beware of the place

Well, then you start thinking. Is our base broad enough to run a guesthouse of this size? Nico had felt for years that he had to lose energy every year and gradually I had taken on more and more tasks. And if you think about that carefully, it was quite difficult for me. We gradually became aware that we might not be able to guarantee continuity for our guests in the long term.

We agreed that we would take a year to make a decision at the end of the year whether or not to continue. So quite a process. 

The decision

The season was, as always, enjoyable and just like every year over. 
Now we really had to talk to each other. All arguments for and against have come up whether or not to stop. With pain in our hearts we had to admit that we could not continue like this. In our opinion, you cannot make it to have to tell your guests at a good time that something has not worked out because it is no longer possible. It is the holiday they have been looking forward to for a whole year. Then as a host you must also do everything in your power to have all the ingredients that can lead to a pleasant holiday in order.

For all these reasons, we have decided to stop. Not immediately, because we do want to take the time to close this period properly.

Choosing a life that makes you happy

In 1990 we opted for a life that would make us happy by purchasing a remote ruin in Italy. 10 years later we made another choice by leaving our life in Amsterdam behind to emigrate to Italy.

Because of our decision to quit Polmone, it is now up to you to choose a life that makes you happy. To live in a unique place surrounded by nature with guests who would like to come and spend their holiday with you.
You now have the opportunity to choose a life that will revolve around the things that really matter: you, the people around you and the peace and beauty of nature.

Take action

You have long dreamed about emigrating to Italy to start a guest house there. You now have the opportunity to get off to a flying start. On our domain you can live in your own detached house. At 80 meters from your home is an original Umbrian farmhouse with 4 fully furnished apartments for up to 17 people. You immediately have access to a very special swimming pool and a beautiful fully enclosed garden.

Do you already feel the tingling inside? Then create now an appointment with us for a viewing. After all, you have already viewed and viewed the virtual tours. It is now time to really take action.

A flying start

You step into a guest house that has been running very well for 22 years. The average occupancy has been around 5 months in recent years. You will of course have access to the customer base that has been built up over all those years. Both the farm with the apartments for your future guests and your own future home are ready to move in. It is not necessary to do all kinds of renovations first. In February last year, all bathrooms for the guests were completely renovated. The apartments are fully furnished. You can start right away.


Maybe after my story last week about the work that needs to be done behind the scenes when you run a guesthouse, you can't. Then I have a surprise for you:

If you schedule a viewing with me before 12 noon on Sunday evening that will ultimately result in your purchase of our domain, you will receive my coaching in the field of your online marketing of Polmone.

Nice chance

Maybe you can remember my story about taking opportunities that come your way. We took the opportunity to buy Polmone in 1990 and we were very happy about it. The first 10 years only in our holidays when we were restoring the farm. By enjoying our unique place in the middle of nature every day for the past 22 years. From the 360 degree unobstructed view all around. Of all the guests who have been to Polmone. In short, of a life that we never wanted to miss!

You too can now choose such a fantastic life. So make an appointment for a viewing. Do that no later than Sunday 21 March before 12:00 in the evening, then when you buy Polmone you will receive my coaching in the field of online marketing of your guest company as a bonus.


  1. Chantal Elzinga

    Buongiorno Roos and Nico,

    I just finished reading your latest blog and I am impressed with what you have all been through. I myself am a 29 year old lady from Friesland who wants to emigrate to Italy to hopefully and eventually be able to rent out / set up her own B&B / apartments.

    May I ask how you have made this financially possible to set up something so big over the years? Is it a matter of saving well in the Netherlands? I suspect that it is difficult to get a loan / mortgage without demonstrable income in Italy. May I ask how you went about this? I am now looking for myself to see if there are possibilities to work as an administrator for a couple who can no longer do it themselves (as in your case, but who are open to having someone run everything on their behalf) Only 2 people are often asked for this work and I am alone with 2 cats (I am handy and experienced in the hospitality / hotel sector, fortunately)

    I would really like some advice from others who have gone before me and I see you as an example. Your positivity radiates through the screen despite the difficult period (s) you have been through and I hope you eventually find the right buyer.

    I understand that you are very busy but still hope for a response. If you have any connections that could help me further (Lucca area or even more towards the north of Italy), please let me know.

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