An Italian dream

You can now make your Italian dream come true

You have been dreaming about having your own for ages guesthouse in Italy. Small-scale because it must be manageable to run with just the two of you. Where you can please your guests, but also have time for yourself.

You have been looking for one for years authentic italian house but there was always a lot to restore. And you want to know where you stand and keep costs under control. So you are looking for an already fully restored house. Preferably an existing, special place where the guests would like to return to so that you can get off to a flying start.

However that one unique place you still have not found. A place where you get away from the hustle and bustle of people who are all in a hurry. Where you don't hear traffic. Where you are in the middle of nature but still very central to all the picturesque villages and towns of Umbria.

After all, you are a person who finds it important to be able to make your own choices. Organize your day the way you want it. You find you freedom more important than a high income or an impressive position. In short, you are ready to start your own business.

Excellent running guesthouse

We have been living for 21 years of the 4 apartments that we rent together from April to November on average 4 months per year to guests, many of whom are returning. Until a few years ago we did everything ourselves and you can think of the restoration, the construction of our house, all maintenance, the garden, the vegetable garden, the pool, the final cleaning, the laundry and the iron. But the most important thing was and still is the contact with our guests. Put them at ease when they just arrive. Take the rest to have a drink together. And take the time to chat occasionally during their stay. If you are someone who can do this and at the same time be able to leave your guests alone, this could be the place for you.

Is your I leaving dream come true

You must also watch all episodes of the series I leave. And just like us, you also see how many problems the participants of 'I leave' encounter. And you are determined not to become such a 'good' episode of the popular 'I'm leaving' series like her.

You are probably much better informed in advance and you are well prepared for any pitfalls that you have seen during 'I leave'. That is why you focus in your search process on a suitable location, on houses for sale in Italy that do not need much more. Where you can actually start like this.

Our estate is ready to move in! It consists of a separate house where we live, a swimming pool and an authentic Umbrian farmhouse in which 4 apartments for guests have been realized. We have been renting for 31 years and have an incredible number of returners.

The 4 apartments are fully furnished and well maintained. All four bathrooms have recently been renovated. There is more than enough outdoor furniture and the garden is completely fenced and well maintained. You can live on the estate in a detached house with 2 bedrooms 80 meters from the guesthouses. And finally there is already a very beautiful wall swimming pool with salt water system.

The estate is located in the green heart of Italy in the Umbria region. It is literally one green lung. Traditionally, the hill on which the estate is located is called 'Polmone', the lung. The rural location offers a magnificent view of the gently rolling hills and the vast landscape of Umbria in the enormous valley of the river Fersinone.

Take up the challenge to make your Italian dream come true!

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