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You want to start your own guest accommodation and are looking for a beautifully situated, authentic farmhouse for sale in Italy where you can receive guests. You are specifically looking for a farm that has already been restored and furnished as a guesthouse. After all, you want to make a flying start.

The history of the farm for sale

Our authentic umbrian farmhouse now for sale was built in the 18th century. It was smaller then than it is now, but we don't know when it was extended. You can only see it well from the shape of the farm and the type of stones used. The farm was built with materials available on site, natural stone, wood and clay.

When we first saw the farm in 1989, he was in bad shape. Part of the roof had collapsed and the joints in the stone walls had almost disappeared. On the ground floor were the stables and you only saw holes instead of windows and doors and on the first floor the windows on the north side were missing. There was no electricity or a water supply, the inhabitants of the time went to a well on foot. Therefore, there was no bathroom or toilet in the entire building. There was also no road or path to the farm.

We have started to renew the roof. We removed the clay that had been used as a joint and the walls were re-jointed. Nico then made new frames, windows and doors so that the house was wind and waterproof. Then we started to realize the apartments one by one. During the restoration, we have retained the authentic details as much as possible, such as the old beamed ceilings and the fireplace in the former kitchen of the farmers who once lived there. We put buttresses against it to strengthen the entire building. Finally, we made roofs on all sides of the house and on one side a balcony with outside stairs to reach an apartment on the first floor.

The four apartments were realized between 1990 and 2002, 2 on the ground floor and 2 on the first floor. On the ground floor there is also a so-called utility room where the goat barn used to be. And as in every authentic Umbrian farmhouse, there was an original brick wood oven. Because it immediately collapsed in the first year, we built a new one that same year.

In 1990 we got electricity and a dirt road was constructed. We pumped water from a river behind our neighbor's building, but in 1998 we had our own well drilled.

Small guesthouse

Since 2002, the farm has been officially operated as a small-scale guesthouse. We can receive up to 17 guests in the 4 apartments in the farm.


View pictures of the more than 100-year-old renovated farmhouse with four apartments in the Umbria region. There are more than 4. If you stand on the last photo you can scroll further. If you click on a photo you can view them enlarged.


  • Authentic umbrian farmhouse of 10x20m
  • Two stories
  • built in the 18th century
  • completely restored from 1990 to 2002
  • the restoration has been carried out while retaining the authentic details
  • original wood oven
  • around covered terraces
  • there are 4 autonomous apartments realized
  • the apartments are very spacious: 50.37 m2, 79.39 m2, 70.72 m2 and 79.33 m2
  • the bathrooms in all apartments were completely modernized in January 2020
  • energy class F
  • To ensure the privacy of the guests, each apartment has its entrance on another side of the farm
  • the original beamed ceilings have been preserved
  • utility room / laundry room with 2 washing machines
  • septic tank and separate waste water drain
  • Two thermal panels for the hot water supply of the 4 apartments with
    • 1 300 liter boiler
    • 1 boiler of 200 liters

On the site for the rental of the apartments you can see in detail what they look like.

View the 4 apartments here

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