Start your own guesthouse in Italy

Do you have a dream to start your own guesthouse in Italy? Do you want to experience the dolce vita in an idyllic place, where life is good? And do you want a simpler life in Italy, enjoy the sun, the beautiful Italian wines, delicious regional products and the picturesque villages and cities where you can experience Italian culture? In short:

  • You want something different in your life. Away from the hectic Netherlands where everyone is busy and you are lived by your agenda.
  • You are tired of working for a boss. You crave the freedom to organize your day yourself.
  • You want to be a better mother and be able to romp with the kids as a father. But you hardly ever meet each other again; everyone in the house runs after their own obligations. When do you still have time for each other?
  • Your working period is almost over, but you are far from ready for the life of a pensioner!
  • And you love working with people and making sure they have a good time.


That's how we started our guesthouse

I leave

We, Roos Zwager and Nico van der Meer, came across a very special place 31 years ago, on top of a hill in the rolling landscape of Umbria. It was a ruin then. We immediately thought that if we were to buy and renovate the ruin, we would have to generate income with it. The plan to divide the authentic umbrian farm into 4 apartments and start our guesthouse there was born.
Ten years later, our small-scale guesthouse was rock solid and we left for Italy. In the years before we had used all the holidays to renovate the ruin and build up a clientele such that we could earn our living by renting the 4 holiday apartments in the authentic farm.
Now, 21 years later, we want to stop renting our apartments to guests. Our estate with 4 holiday apartments in the original farmhouse, a swimming pool and the detached house where we live is for sale. Our I departure story does not stop here if you think so, because we will probably stay in Umbria. But we now give you the opportunity to start your I departure story. Do you dare to start your own guesthouse in Italy?

Who are we

Roos Zwager

Roos Zwager

Co-owner of Polmone

My name is Roos and I quit my job 21 years ago to make my Italian dream come true. I still enjoy this place every day, the view, the peace and quiet. It is the most beautiful work there is to ensure that our guests can have a wonderful holiday.

Nico van der Meer

Nico van der Meer

Co-owner of Polmone

I am Nico and it is my lust and my life to create things. I enjoyed the restoration of the ruin that the farm once was, the construction of our own house and the swimming pool. And when there are guests I love to spoil them and have a chat.

Start your own guesthouse in Italy

A few considerations
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Our excellent guesthouse with swimming pool and private home is for sale

Ready to start your own guesthouse immediately

In a truly unique place in the Umbria region of Italy is for sale:

  • newly built house in typical umbrian style
  • 4 guest houses in an authentic umbrian farm with
  • swimming pool
  • beautifully maintained fully enclosed garden of almost 1 hectare.

Make your Italian dream come true! For more than 25 years we have rented the 4 apartments all year round, all together, on average 4 months per year. You can start right away because everything is neat and well maintained.
Are you up to the challenge and do you really want to start your own guesthouse in Italy? And are you looking for your Italian dream house with excellent current rental?

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